Stars & Sand

O Marvel in His glory, the workings of His hand,

For who could ever fathom, His thoughts, His deeds, His plan.

As ever through the ages, the sky, the sea and land,

Come, number all His wonders! The countless stars and sand.

~ D.F.

Rainbow’s End

I’ve found my little rainbow, the place where colours greet,

Red, blue, green and yellow, with orange, violet meet. 

Basking in their cheerful hue, the dark and grey defeat,

And at its end, what sweet reward! Life, its joy, complete.

~ D.F.

The Tree By The Sea


Let me stand a little closer, your splendour clearly see,

The strength in all your branches, the arms that had carried me.

For in my lonely hour, ’twas to you, my mother, flee,

To hide among your shady leaves, to cast my gaze at sea.

~ D.F.

Can You?


Can you tell the wind to turn its course, to draw the chill from fire,

Or the sun, that burning orb, to quench its sole desire.

Can you calm the restless waters, or the bee, its wings doth tire,

Or probe indeed the mind of He, of whom no Name ranks higher.

~ D.F.



Lay up upon me, LORD, the truest treasure find,

Drops of tender mercy, give wisdom to my mind.

With strength, the quiet waters, free, all cares behind,

A peace to last the ages, the taste of nectar, kind.

~ D.F.

Secret Door


Over and under, behind and before,

Beneath the heavy shrubbery, above the forest floor.

Sighting o so hard to find, yet signs point evermore,

There among the whispering leaves, the moon, the hidden door.

~ D.F.

Circle of Life


O wandering wind, come take me, the hills and mountains high,

Alive, now all my senses, the clouds, the birds, and sky.

There above, the homely earth, the land and sea, sail by,

Let find myself, a peaceful place, to birth, to live, to die.

~ D.F.