Let Fly

Follow down that windy path, let loose, your spirit be,

Feel its to and fro-ing, how wondrous, light and free. 

Our feet, so faintly threading, afloat this airy sea,

Sweeping out to faraway, let fly, just you and me.

~ D.F.

No More

No more, the empty porch, but welcome, tender kiss,

No more of walks alone, the heart, its song amiss.

No more, the soulless air, the wind, its dance resist,

No more the dark and chill, just warmth, eternal bliss.

~ D.F.

Once More

Once more, a night with you, under the moon and star,

Once more, to have, to hold, no prison, steely bar.

Once more, to breathe you in, sweetest still by far,

Once more, to know your face, to love you as you are.

~ D.F.


Enter now, His presence, what is holy, what is true,

Pure as snowflakes falling, as fresh as the virgin dew.

There, our tireless questioning, our restlessness, adieu,

For all shall come to know Him, the ancient, and the new.

~ D.F.


Find in her a refuge, this lady, warm and fair,
Eyes as pure as fire, arms, sweet tender care.
Who, this most lonesome night, with you, her deepest, share,
Lost in her, your troubles, forgotten, life’s despair.
~ D.F.


Lo the time of resting, how soft, its gentle yield,
A touch of kindly mercy, as mist surround the field.
Prompting all to slumber, sweet kisses, eyes now sealed,
And rest until the morrow, with night, the hurting, healed.
~ D.F.