By Candlelight


Catch you by the lowly flame, its rays, so softly warm,

Flickering in the eventide, behold its lively form.

Burning, charming, calling, outside the raging storm,

The dark and cold, forsaken, by candlelight transform.

~ D.F.

Catching Fire


Once more, a wayward turn, the wind has called your name,

Forget the past, familiar, let your old desire, tame.

In this, sweet precious moment, child, there is no shame,

To lose your heart to him, at last, your soul aflame.

~ D.F.

Summer Dreams


Dreams of golden sunshine, of lazy times ahead,

Free at last to languish, the beach, our sandy bed.

Hear again, the crashing waves, the seagulls overhead,

To put her out to sea again, life, a chapter read.

~ D.F.

Apple of Your Eye


Not a doubt to hold me back, my trust in you, deny,

For even as I wonder, what matters, who, and why.

For gently, so you held me, while in broken pieces, lie,

Until the end should greet me, the glint, your loving eye.

~ D.F.


“Keep me as the apple of your eye”

~ Psalm 17:8



Spin a web of mystery, and bind me close within,

No thoughts of ever leaving, the cosiest I’ve been.

Here, what fascination! All your workings plainly seen,

Step up, a higher wisdom, the past, now working in. 

~ D.F.


“The mystery hidden from ages and from generations past. But now it has been manifested to His holy ones.”

~ Colossians 1:26



Proclaim His love and mercy, let all exalt in praise,

The King, the Lord Almighty, O hail, His sceptre raise.

Whose reign, comes fairest justice, how righteous,  mark His ways,

Let all the earth revere Him, who rules the nights and days.

~ D.F.

White Knight


Come, lift your veil of sadness, no more your mourning be,

See, your love, he cometh, on a steed, so wild and free.

To crown you for his kingdom, to claim you all for he,

Now away from all this sorrow! Death’s dark lonesome tree.

~ D.F.