Deft, with measured movement, the crafting by His hand,
From nought, the form emerges, each a plan so grand.
Polishing and filing, rough edges, gently sand,
Then a kiss, life breathing, with flowers, grace the land.
~ D.F.

“Is He not the carpenter’s son?”
~ Matthew 13:55


There he grew before us, a child before our eyes,
Once a tiny sapling, now his, the roving skies.
Whither goes his journey, what promise holds his prize,
Now his wings doth take him, sweet angel in disguise.
~ D.F.

The Ordinary Kind

Tide me with your blessings, of the ordinary kind,
To know the sun and seasons, glimpses of you, I find.
Promptings of the spirit, let the earthly, leave behind,
Then home among the flowers, to bed, at last, recline.
~ D.F.

At The Table

Round His table gather, find grace of every kind,
Food to fill the hungry, sight to the lonesome blind.
Promise ever keeping, no child be left behind,
At this feast partaking, by love, shall all man bind.
~ D.F.


Was it not too long ago, stars in flight aligned,
Moon so softly shining, the night, black velvet, lined.
Out there, fields of singing, in laughter, wine and dined,
Lost in music playing, our spirit, heart and mind.
~ D.F.


Wind across the waters, the rippling waves unroll,
Lightest of all touches, the softest kiss behold.
Then its tale retelling, how once, from ancient old,
Life, from nought, beginning, by grace, His breath unfold.
~ D.F.

“The spirit of God moved over the waters.”
~ Genesis 1:2